Monday, December 12, 2011

Halloween 2011

I am really quite embarrassed to even write this post since today's date is December 12th, but seriously I have been pretty busy and on the days that I wasn't really busy I have been super sick. Did you know I am pregnant? We are expecting baby number 2 in June and I have been extremely sick, I mean throwing up every time I eat, which has made for some not so fun weeks around our house. I seem to have it mostly under control for now with medication, but I still have my moments throughout the day. But the good news is I am almost 15 weeks along so the sickness should be making it exit very soon. I go back to see my doctor on Wednesday and I am so hoping to hear this new little heartbeat!

I have been wanting to post our Halloween pictures for sometime time now and just haven't gotten around to it, but here you go! Hayden was a little princess/ballerina/pretty little girl. She does not do much of anything on her head so I knew she wouldn't go for a real costume and I wanted to dress her up somewhat, so this is what we went with. We didn't do too much, but the night before Halloween, Frazer had their "Trunk or Treat", so we took her there and let her trick or treat some and then we stopped by my parents house. She really enjoyed herself and I am so thankful for the precious pictures and memories.

There's that face again!

Hayden and Daddy, neither one looking at the camera.

And here is a creation I made from Pinterest for all of Hayden's classmates, they were the cutest little treats for her class party. I just loved them!

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